(Token Folio Management)

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  • Token Quality/Safety - Buy safe tokens vetted by experts and the community. Use WeiScore along with your individual risk appetite to make the best buy or sell decision.
  • Community Rights - Use your community vote to help launch the best Token campaigns. A great WeiScore and your vote means a great project. Use this power for WeiScrow and WeiCap.
  • Co-Payment - When you buy a Token on WeiCrowd pay 5 % less by using the native WeiCrowd Token(WEIS) or any eligible WeiCrowd Folio token.
  • ERC20/23 Folio Manager - A free Folio ROI manager to manage and track all your ERC20/23 Tokens at one place.
  • Auto Buy - Set your parameters and the system buys or reserves the tokens of your choice with zero to nominal fees.
  • Auto Sell - Convert the tokens by swapping it with one of your choice without having to pay for an exorbitant conversion fee.